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SWEDISH - The Meet Your Baby VR Experience

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Normally expectant parents just get the printed photos or a video clip of their baby after the ultrasound scan. Now your ultrasound images and videos will be transformed into a virtual reality experience like no other. You will get closer to your baby than ever before! Click here to view a sample of the final product in VR. 

Don't forget to add your very own branded Meet Your Baby VR Cardboard Headset with your order. 

Why do I need to select my pregnancy week?

In the beginning of your VR experience you will see an animated video of your baby’s developments right now. Be sure to tell us in what week you are in your pregnancy.

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Meet Your Baby

Anytime, Anywhere.

Meet Your Baby is fully optimized for mobile and tablet experiences, so you can take your Meet Your Baby VR experience on the go.

Share your excitement.

Meet your baby offers a unique experience that you will want to share with friends and family.

“An amazing experience! Easy, quick and the most emotional trip for us as expecting parents.”

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SWEDISH - The Meet Your Baby VR Experience